I hated every minute of training, but I said;
‘don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life a champion.
‘ ” – Muhammed Ali

Team HELP! was founded on the idea that your dreams matter and
YOU CAN change the world.

We’re not endurance swimmers.
We’re not olympic athletes.
We ARE passionate about life.
We believe ANYONE can push themselves into making their dreams a reality.

Father & Sons living the adventure.


Hunter and Eric are volunteer Firefighters and Dive Rescue International certified swift water rescue swimmers. 
They have travelled the world extensively, including providing rescue relief for the victims in Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam.

Eric head shotHunter Head shotTuck headshot

Eric is an award winning screenwriter, play write, chef, father of 5 and has been married to his beautiful bride for over 33 years. Hunter has been studying illusions for over 13 years and brings talent to the stage throughout the world in the musical; “Help!”. Tuck is an award winning stop motion film maker, actor and gentleman, heading up the logistics team for the Murray River swim.

So, who are we really?
Three guys who sold everything they own in the United States, travelled to Australia,
inspiring youth to follow their dreams, passions and to change the world.
  That’s it.
We don’t get paid for what we do… we just own it and love it!